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SHE stands for Safety, Health and Environment. The nature of the petroleum business workplace, which includes, product properties, working environment and equipment complexity, is a threat to personnel safety, their health and the surrounding environment.

Unsafe activities result in disasters, which may include injury to people, death, long time health impact as well as negative effects to the environment.

These result in legal implications, insurance costs, bad reputation and loss of goodwill. A business without effective management of safety, health and environment cannot succeed.

Good SHE performance result in; lower operational costs, prevention of accidents, improved reliability, reduced potential liability, and friendly and warm co-existence with the community where the company operates.

SHE policy

We have established policies on SHE. We aim to have a first-class SHE performance that we are proud of. This is carried out within the framework of the SHE policies. Activities will be conducted in a SHE responsible manner. Any activity that cannot meet these expectations will not be undertaken.


It is our policy to conduct business in a manner that protects the safety of employees, others involved in operations, customers and the public. The company will strive to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses through active participation of every employee. The company is committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate as well as manage safety risks associated with its activities.


It is our policy to identify and evaluate health risks within our operations, implement programs and appropriate protective measures to control such risks, and communicate knowledge about health risks.


It is the policy of Libya Oil Ethiopia Limited to conduct its business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates. The company is committed to continuous efforts to improve environmental performance throughout its operations.