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Libya Oil Ethiopia Limited is one of the key players engaged in the supply, distribution and marketing of fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products in the Ethiopian Market.

With regards to geographic coverage of OiLibya Retail Network, the Company is represented by its Retail Stations in all the Regional Administrations of the country. Accordingly, there are 137 Retail Stations country wide.

We offer the following products and services using our Retail Network:

  • A wide range of fuel products namely; Automotive Gasoil - AGO (diesel), Mogas Gasoline Regular – MGR (petrol), Ethanol blended Gasoline (petrol) – ME5 or ME10 and illuminating Kerosene (KERO) and a broad range of lubricants.
  • Cash Wash Service
  • Tire Repair Service
  • OiLchange plus … Service with free of charge oil change and minor car repair service in some selected Retail Stations
  • Branded Café Service – Express’O in some selected Retail Stations 
  • Ghion Gas / LPG Cylinder Sales

In keeping with the country’s economic development and the growing demand for fuels and lubricants, Libya Oil Ethiopia is investing on new service stations.