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10 Free and Quality Services

What does your vehicle need today? Have you checked the engine oil before leaving your home? For the large sum of money you paid for your vehicle, you want to make sure it will be on the road for as long as possible. Take the benefits of our “OiLchange Plus...” services where you can get filters change, fluids check and refill, safety check and courtesy service on top of engine oil change without any additional cost. Yes, they are FREE! Count on us. Thus, by taking care of your ve- hicle with “OiLchange Plus...” services; you will be getting a
smooth run, a peace of mind and a long life for your vehicle.

What are the Services Included in the Menu?

  1. Engine Oil Change
  2. Oil filter change
  3. Air filter clean or change
  4. Differential oil and Gear oil check and top up
  5. Power steering fluid check and top up
  6. Battery water and coolant check and top up
  7. Brake Fluid check and top up
  8. Windscreen wash fluid and water check and top up
  9. Windscreen Wipers check and change as required
  10. Tires’ pressure check and Inflate

 What Do Customers Gain from the Services?

Have you ever thought for a moment the damage your vehicle might face by not using sufficient, clean and apt viscosity of engine oil and by not keeping its drain interval?

Engine oil has the capacity to resist high temperature level and clean the engine. It reduces friction by assisting the engine to have a good compression and it enhances engine performance by resisting corrosion. If a motorist does not replace the used engine oil of his vehicle timely, he will be putting the vehicle’s engine and gears at risk. This then, will expose the motorist to high fuel consumption and expensive maintenance cost. Eventually, it will cause environ- mental pollution from its exhaust emission.

Thus, we are ready to change engine oils with filters for various types of vehicles at our selected Retail Stations as per the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations and other factors. It is advisable as well to check the sound of the engine and the oil pressure gauge during traveling. Likewise, one can get top ups or change for brake fluid and power steering fluid - which help control vehicles properly, and radiator coolant - which protects the engine from getting over heat as suggested by the vehicle manufacturers and other factors.

We also do the same with regards to various types of differential oils and gear oils. A motorist needs to bear in mind that there will be a traffic accident while driving a vehicle with defective windscreen wipers and inadequate windscreen wash fluid and water during heavy rain or on a dusty road. Therefore, we encourage our customers to get the advantage of safety inspection on parts of a vehicle that assist in getting a clear vision while driving. In addition, customers can find courtesy services like tyres pressure check with a very good reception.

Where Can Customers Get the Services?

We provide “OiLchange Plus...” services in some selected Retail Service Stations located in Addis Ababa where each Service Station’s name with its address is listed as follows. We are pleased to inform you that we have a plan to extend this service across our Service Stations.

Sr. Number Station Name Location Tel. No.
1. Stadium Oilibya Around Stadium, next to Eth. Red Cross Asso. 0118114155, 0911162902, 0913114705
2. Old Airport Oilibya Around Army Hospital, adjacent to Shoa Shopping Center.   011 3203700, 0911699144
3. Ras Tessema Oiliby  Near Black Lion Hospital, the way to Yehulishet Higher Clinic. 011 5503601, 0911238799
4. Gojam Road Oilibya A road to Sululta, around 100 mtr away from Semien Hotel.   011 1 270843, 0911448790
5. Lamberet Oilibya Next to Israel Embassy, before reaching Arrarat Hotel  011 6 460061, 0912500572
6. Africa Avenue Oilibya  Bole Road, in front of Dembel City Center  011 5 153867,0911687313

Who Serves You at the Lub Bay?

We have Technicians who are able to change engine oils rapidly and perform other related activities efficiently. They are well equipped with technical knowledge on lubricants and customer handling skills. They as well assist customers in choosing appropriate lubricants according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, vehicle’s age, oil usage condition, etc.







What does the Service Giving Process Look Like?

Primarily, the technician acknowledges and welcomes the customer warmly on arrival at the Service Station and asks how he can help him/her.

Then, if the customer is new, the technician introduces him/her with the ten points check/service offers by reading them from the menu prepared for this purpose.

After getting the agreement from the customer as to which services to be performed, the technician drives the vehicle to the lub bay or directs the customer to take it there to perform checks.

Depending on the results of the checks, the technician offers the customer a top-up or a full oil change service. He also recommends the customer to buy the required lubricants and the necessary equipment in writing.

Next, he escorts the customer to comfortable waiting area.

The technician right away conducts the agreed services and gives feedback to the customer.

He writes the next service date and kilo meter on the Service Reminder Sticker and sticks it on the appropriate place of the vehicle.

Finally, he guides the vehicle out of the lub bay and handovers it to the customer pleasantly.