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The Industry and Wholesale Business covers the sale of Ground fuels, i.e., Gasoline (Petrol), Gasoil (Diesel), Kerosene, Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Bitumen and Lubricants to different sectors of Industrial and Wholesale customers and sale of Aviation Fuels (Jet A-1) to National and private Airlines.

The Market for sale of Ground fuels constitutes different sectors of the economy like Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Sugar, Cement and Mining, Textile etc. The major player in the Ethiopian Aviation Industry is the Ethiopian Airlines constituting almost 90% of the country’s aviation market. It is currently being fuelled by the three key Oil Companies whereby Libya Oil Ethiopia Limited has a market share of 41%.

OiLibya supports and works closely with professionals and business leaders in the various commercial and industrial sectors including but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Extractive industries: Mining & Cement
  • Power generation
  • Aviation
  • Commercial road transport
  • General services e.g. tourism, ports, government tenders, etc.

We are keen to support our customers in these sectors through the provision of:

1. High quality products including bulk fuels, lubricants and bitumen.

2. Scheduled Technical Support services to ensure the products we supply continue to meet our customer requirements and focus on continued performance improvement and savings.

3. Equipment Investment to facilitate safe and economic use of the products we supply. Such equipment includes fuels dispensing facilities, lubrication equipment as well as diagnostic portable laboratories in critical locations.

4. Excellent Customer Service to guarantee transaction efficiency and timely order fulfillment. Our commitment to add value to our customers and save them money has seen our market share in this segment grow tremendously in the last 5 years and leadership in key sectors including road construction, aviation, manufacturing and general services.

Scheduled Technical Support

A team that comprises our experienced front line technical staff and engineers along with our Key Accounts Manager will make a bi-annual scheduled technical support visits to your office or site to ensure that your technical needs and requirements are met to your best satisfaction.

We would like to assure our customers that Libya Oil Ethiopia Limited has the required resource to undertake professional services and provide the following services (free of charge): -

  • Advise on product stewardship, particularly oil disposal management.
  • Conduct Oil laboratory test at OiLibya labs in Ethiopia and abroad.
  • Lubrication survey for all your vehicles and machineries. This survey will assist you to rationalize lubricants you need to, minimize wastage and avoid mixing lubricants or use of wrong grades that cause damage on equipment
  • Visits and on site consultation on lubricants usage.
  • Recommend OiLibya equivalent grades to competitor products. OiLibya has a very wide product portfolio, therefore satisfying as wide a spectrum of customers as possible.
  • Advise on correct method of use of lubricants. Any product that is incorrectly used will not achieve the desired result. It is therefore, our responsibility to ensure that the customer gets the full benefit of lubrication by correct product application.
  • Investigate customer complaints and assist them with any lubricants/lubrication problems.
  • Product re-certification

If you are in doubt about the quality of lubricant either due to prolonged storage obliterated markings on packaging, unusual visual appearance or any other reason, you can request for the product to be recertified. Our laboratory is capable of re-certifying any of our lubricants.

Provision of Updated Lubricants Manual.

This is a manual on product specifications and descriptions together with the products applications. Customers usually find it useful for onsite reference.