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Bitumen is a blend of hydrocarbons used for surfacing of roads and for a variety of industrial uses. It is produced in refineries from special qualities of crude oil. Globally 90% of all bitumen is used in road construction and 10% for industrial purposes.

In road construction bitumen is used as a surface coating. A surface coating is a mixture of bitumen (around 5 %) and crushed aggregates, used in road construction and maintenance, in which the bitumen ensures the binding between the different aggregates.

In line with the Growth and Transformation Plan II and the country’s economic growth which highly focuses on infrastructure development with a particular emphasis on road, rail and power sectors development, Libya Oil Ethiopia became one of the major players in the bitumen business. We have rich experience in managing the challenging supply chain of bitumen by fulfilling the requirements in delivering the different types of bitumen products that meets the specification of the customer.

Generally, we provide to our customer two types of bitumen that are listed below:

  • Cutbacks grades
  • Penetration grades

We currently import Cutback grade of:

  • MC 30
  • MC 800
  • MC 3000
  • RC 70

 We also import Penetration grades of:

  • 40/50
  • 80/100
  • 85/100 or 185/200 grades.