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In fulfilling our promise to our customers to avail our products and service in different parts of the country, Libya Oil Ethiopia partnered with a dealer to develop a high standard Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO) service station in Sululta town which has become operational.


Looking at the potential and the booming business development of this town which has a leading passage to Northern part of the country, Libya Oil wants to show its commitment to fuel the growth of the town by investing on fuels, lubricants and other service facilities.  The station is equipped with three double-hosed and one four-hosed pumps with 2 x 50 mc and 2 x 60 mc fuel tanks for MGR, AGO, KERO.  It also offers quality oil change service through its OiLchange Plus facility.  In the near future, the station will also offer Supermarket, Express’O (Café) and Car Wash Services.


The official inauguration was held on June 11, 2016.

OiLibya Retail Dealers Convention / Engagement meeting was held on May 12, 2016 in Addis Ababa at Elilly International Hotel. Meeting attendees were all Addis Ababa Oilibya Retail Stations’ Dealers, Company’s management members, Retail Manager, Area Business managers and other concerned company employees.

The Sales and Marketing Manager, Ato Adugna Dissassa commenced the Engagement session by giving background information on the Company’s vision and strategies for the next year and what the Department is doing currently.  Thus, he briefly reviewed the below stated focus areas:

1.       Additional investments on expanding its business ventures including New Business Developments (NBDs), None Fuel Retail Incomes (NFIs), Card System, etc.

2.       Housekeeping across our Retail Network.

3.      Customer service on forecourts

4.      Excellent logistics and supplies

5.      Marketing initiatives and promotion activities across the country by proper utilization of ATL and BTL.

Site staff and supervisors training

On the event, Libya Oil GM and Management members have given their words to make their relentless effort on in exceeding customers expectation.  Dealers also endorsed to show their commitment on increasing service level on their respective sites.



Libya oil Ethiopia limited started introducing the newly improved Oilibya lubricants packs of Accel and DeoMAX brands back in June, 2015 soon after receiving the new packs.

The culmination of the Launching of the newly improved Oilibya Lubricants project was planned to be an official launching ceremony that was held at Sheraton Addis on September 3rd in the presence of 270 invited guests and customers. The event was attended by key retail stations, lubricants Distributors, commercial customers, transporters, Oilibya Government and private stakeholders, Libya Embassy officials and reputable media organizations.

The Launching event was opened by a welcoming speech made by Libya oil Ethiopia GM,

Following the GMs speech, a presentation titled “Oilibya at a glance and future growth plans” was presented by the Sales and Marketing Manager where future growth plans of LOEL is highlighted The Lubricants Manager then presented the new changes on the improved Oilibya lubricants products that are being launched. This was followed by a customer recognition program where the best top 5 performers in the category of Retail stations, Lubricants Distributors, Key commercial customers and Transporters were recognized with crystal trophy and a certificate of recognition.

A cake cutting ceremony was conducted by the Libya oil Ethiopia management team before the cocktail reception resumed.

A press release was issued to the main privately owned Amharic and English newspapers, Radio channels and TV stations. Also interviews were arranged for those journalists looking for further information with the Sales and Marketing manager. Our launch event and message was well covered in the weekly Ethiopian Reporter, Addis Fortune and Capital newspapers. The EBS TV interviewed three among the recognized customers’ i.e two retail stations and our biggest Aviation account – the Ethiopia Airlines, which was aired as part of the 30 minutes documentary TV program on Libya oil Ethiopia( where LOEL GM and SM were interviewed , depot and retail operations are covered) on September 5/2015.

Overall, the launching event was a success where the intended messages of the company was successfully transmitted to its customers and the public at large through all available media outlets.

 LOEL Management Team welcoming the invited Guests

Welcoming Speech by GM and Libya Oil Ethiopia Concerned Representatives

Cake Cutting Ceremony and a few Pictures Showing Some of Invited Guests